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Import a language pack doesn't work


Manage objects : Import the Dnn Core 5.5.1 fr-FR language pack ( : Nothing is imported. No entry in the tables.
The language pack isn't well formed ? It's created by Core DotNetNuke export system.

Same thing with the 5.4.3 fr-FR language pack. An App_Restart happens but nothing in the logs.

You can download the 5.5.1 language pack I used for testing here :

On ManifestReader.vb, "Select Case manifestModule.PackageType.ToLower" : Our first type is CoreLanguagePack. It's a normal Core Language pack but contains 2 packages. The second type is ExtensionLaguagePack and isn't supported in the Select either. You will find the ExtensionLanguagePack Case attached in the VB file ; sorry I can't add the source control right now. I'll do the CoreLanguagePack case later.

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