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not working for DNN



I'm trying to implement localization editor in a DNN
Once I add the module in any page, and add the setting, problems start.
  1. I don't see the new permissions are created, not at page nor module.
  2. I can't enter the page in edit mode anymore.
  3. even after I add my username & the language that I want to manage, supposed "Installed Objects" dropdown.
any help will be mostly appreciated


angusbeare2013 wrote May 20, 2015 at 8:33 PM

Should I assume from this comment that the DNN Localization Editor project is dead? Sure looks that way.
I was naively hoping that in the year or two since I last suffered trying to localise DNN a site things would have improved. Sadly, even at 7.4 DNN localisation is still totally confusing, bug ridden and impossible to manage. :(