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Automatic translation with Google API

One of the nice features of the Localization Editor is that it can do automatic translation of text. For this feature, the Google translation API has been incorporated.
The translation is executed by clicking on the magic wand at the right side. This can be done by any individual text element
Google Translate-01.png

With one mouse click, there is a suggestion for the text in the laguange that is selected for the resource file
Google Translate-02.png

or by a resource file as a whole
Google Translate-03.png

or for all text elements in all open resource files
Google Translate-04.png

Multiple languages

The autmatic translation can be applied for various languages
Google Translate-02.png
Google Translate-02b.png
Google Translate-02c.png

Productivity boost

The automatic translation is a real productivity boost for every translator. Be aware that translation is not 100% perfect and should be reviewed afterwards.

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