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Delegation of translation permissions

The manager assigns users to objects and locales. From that moment on those users are able to translate that ‘node’ (i.e. intersection of object and locale).

Version control

When a new version is uploaded of a module/core, the existing texts are checked against the new input. If:
  1. the text key is not longer there in the new version, the record in the Texts table is marked as deprecated in the new version,
  2. the original text has changed for the text key in the new version, the old record is marked as deprecated as above and a new record is created as starting with this new version,
  3. the text key was not already there in the first place, then it’s created starting at this version.
This allows us to accurately recreate any pack for any version.

Support for generic languages

A user can be assigned for a specific locale (e.g. fr-FR) or a generic language (fr). Upon creation of a pack, the generic translations are first gathered and overridden by any present specific translations. So the way you could use this is to have some people editing ‘fr’ and to delegate Canadian translations to someone else by specifying them to edit fr-CA. When the fr-CA pack is made all translations of this last team are taken and supplemented with any missing translations by those of the original team. So the fr-CA team would only make translations for those texts where they felt the fr was not sufficient for their specific locale.

Other features

  • Google translate hook in. Very useful, see Automatic translation with Google API
  • Output caching. The module is able to detect any changes to the translations for a specific language pack, so the output can be cached as zip file on disk.
  • Support for DNN 4 and 5 pack manifests. This includes the additional DNN 5 elements relating to owner. For modules hybrid packs are created that will upload on both DNN 4 and 5 with full features.
  • Ability to upload existing packs.

Further reading

How to use the Localization Editor
Some background info

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